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RCH Chassis

RCH Basic Roller Package w/Aluminum Interior $9995.00
Includes: RCH Spindles, Lower Control Arms, Upper Control Arms and RCH Slug Kit, Winters Sprint Rearend w/Spool, Winters Polished Hub Kits, Sweet Integrated Servo Rack, Aluminum Hex Trailing Arms and Tie Rods and .032 Aluminum Interior

Weld-On Option Package $450.00
Includes: Radiator Mounts, Ign Box Mount, Battery Box, Jacking Posts, Drive Shaft Hoops, Upper Fuel Cell Guard, Weight Nuts, Weight Tray, and Steering Mount Extension

Additional Options:
Fuel Cell Mount w/RCH Cage $298.00

Window Net Mounts w/Net $140.00

RCH Front Bumper $89.00

RCH Right Side Door Bar w/RCH Aluminum Slider $132.00

RCH Rear Bumper $59.00

RCH Deck Lid Bar $40.00

RCH Hood Pin Bar w/Tabs $39.00

Chro-Moly Upgrade (25 lbs Lighter) $700.00

Chassis Powder Coat $500.00